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This be my Page/Blog….I be Aussie Bad Kitty…or Kay…..I live in Australia. I made this blog by accident when trying to create a word press account

for another wordpress blog I was commenting on….so now I thought I would post som e random stuffs on it…have fun

I called it Bad Kitty’s Table…cause if you are here and you need some buddy to talk to….grab a ‘virtual’ cuppa…it can be what ever you like best…and a cookie  or cake or two…and we can chat…we all need someone….I know that fur sure……I used to be a Mental health Nirse …so i know even just typing it on a screen can help people feel like they have told someone something….

I am a cat mad person..I used to have an adorable precious kitty called Nambucca…but she recently ‘cossed the Rainbow bridge” at 17 years of age….so if you are here cause u haz the sadness following a kitty death….come cry on my shoulder…. I understand my frend….


  This is my ‘virtual armchair’…you may sit in it with the Kitties….they will give you the lubs and kitty kissess


One response to “About

  1. muchcat says:

    BadKitty, please emayo or tekst me.

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