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U want it by When???? srsly dude

on March 21, 2012


Otay…I created this post so iffen you are one of my ICHC frends or a tee frend U can comment here…

I been having the bizness at werk todai….and I wish I could of done this to some of the peeps who asked me the kwestions todai…..

Hugs to anybuddy reading this….


5 responses to “U want it by When???? srsly dude

  1. AfriCat says:

    Thx Badkitty. You can’t look at this picture without smiling, can you?

  2. mollypuss says:

    This is how I look when they tell us they’ve moved a deadline forward! (I work on a national daily). Bwahahaha!

  3. muchcat says:

    Ai lubs dis. Ai lubs mai boss, butt(!) he maeks me krazee sumtymes. Him haz NOE tyme manajjmint skills, sew hi alwaes needs sumfing at 9:55 foar a 10 o’cluck meeting. Oar, ai aminds him on Mundane abowt sumfing we need tu git dun bai Fursday, dat wil taek sum finking adn kollaberashun, adn him stawrts tu werking awn it awn Wennsday (maebe). {{{BK}}}

  4. Elka says:

    Ohai Bad Kitty, nice place u created here, i love the sarcastic kitty!

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