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Bad Kitty Says OHAI

on March 20, 2012

Dont really know what happened here…i signed up for Word Press so I could be part of another Blog and something happened….so now I have my own blog it seems…hummm…will have to think about that and maybe I will post so random stuff on here…if you find this Blog and want to suggest stuff or…ummm help me…please feel free to do so…ummm here is a link to a picture I like   http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_DYIAUH6kbpg/TF5488XsbZI/AAAAAAAABv0/s1Y6Tve8eYs/s320/emily_the_strange__s_cats_by_emziepoodlez-web.png  ..   I love emily the strange…hence the ‘bad kitty’ bit of my nick

Lubs  and hugs to anyone who reads this


4 responses to “Bad Kitty Says OHAI

  1. cweenmj says:

    {{{{{BK}}}}}} Welcome tu deh whirrld uv blogging!!

  2. Cookie says:

    BK, I was thinking about the wonderful story of the crows. I don’t care that it didn’t come to an “end” since life just keeps rolling on. I started captioning pictures of things I thought I remembered from it and somehow the pictures went on with what might be the story…and might not. I’m not the author. I’d love for you to see them but am not sure how to do that. I could put them on my old cheezburger site I guess. I stopped using it when ICHC got weird but it’s still there. I guess i’ll do that.

  3. Cookie says:

    All right. I went to my ICHC site and uploaded the ten captioned pictures that I made for the crow story. My pics go ahead and sketch out a story all the way through to an ending because I was just seeing images in my mind. I’m sure you’d have thought of better stuff because it is your story. Anyway, here’s the link:


    It’s under the my Stuff tab.

  4. I lub them cookie…i will be trying to postify the WHOLE STORY to the stories part of the tee room… i might try to work out how to post the pics too..as illustrations maybe…or perhaps post to tee room yourself..i shure peeps would lub them as much as i did…who knows one dy i might publish the story…and i might need a illustrator

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