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Kitty Kong-for those who are ‘goodies fans’ you will recognise this str8 away



VERY funny VERY cyoot and it will make you smile….If you are too young to remember the Goodies on BBC/ABC…Googlify it…it iz and oldie but a goodie…lol

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U want it by When???? srsly dude


Otay…I created this post so iffen you are one of my ICHC frends or a tee frend U can comment here…

I been having the bizness at werk todai….and I wish I could of done this to some of the peeps who asked me the kwestions todai…..

Hugs to anybuddy reading this….


Bad Kitty Says OHAI

Dont really know what happened here…i signed up for Word Press so I could be part of another Blog and something happened….so now I have my own blog it seems…hummm…will have to think about that and maybe I will post so random stuff on here…if you find this Blog and want to suggest stuff or…ummm help me…please feel free to do so…ummm here is a link to a picture I like   http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_DYIAUH6kbpg/TF5488XsbZI/AAAAAAAABv0/s1Y6Tve8eYs/s320/emily_the_strange__s_cats_by_emziepoodlez-web.png  ..   I love emily the strange…hence the ‘bad kitty’ bit of my nick

Lubs  and hugs to anyone who reads this